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Passage Associates received the permission as an establishment of Manpower Export in 1994 and got the Licence No. RL-468 from the concerned Ministry of the Government.

In past years and also at present we have been able to expert required Manpower of varied nature of professions and skills to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and many other countries with name and fame.

It is a real hard and complicated process to make the provisions of Foreign Employment. Realizing the difficulties of this issue and to make it more easier as well as to sent it at your door we are thinking to open a web-side so that the information reaches you another one step forward.

By this Web-side media, Willing and Potential Employer can easily contact us about their specific demand, Employment condition, salary etc. Employer can easily put a tick in this Employer box. In this manner the demanding Employer may not have to waste unnecessary time, rather he himself personally would be able to intimate his demand and take the final decision about the contract with us.

Hope, this particular little effort by us would help in eliminating the complicacy for Manpower export at present.

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