Our Mission & Vission

Our Mission:

To demonstrate superior relationship skills and excellence in out manpower export handing. To response with both care and efficiently to the overall needs of all out business partners on an equal basis, in the key and emerging man power markets. To provide for all our clients and staff to opportunity of working for mutual befit with a progressive responsive and exciting company. To ve a growing, profitable and financially secure company which fulfils its promises. to broaden the scope of domestic human resource by developing a perfect manpower, placement company and explore the overseas employment market to meet their demand.

Our Vision:

To be a distinctive leading, International manpower placement company distinguished by a global network of long-term relation.

Our Goals & Values

Our Goals:

  • to exceed customer expections through innovative and quality services.
  • to establish a strong regioal presence
  • to revongnize the human resources and optimize their rewards
  • to assist the development and export and export of human resouces by providing training and related services

Our Values:

To maintain the highest ethical standards to maintain long-term relationship with our client



Passage was incorporate in 1994 with a strong commitment of highly professional people. Its primary aim was to develop a professional, manpower placement company that would be internationally competitive and commercially viable.

To day, Passage is one of the leading, reputable organizations, operating successfully in manpower placement markets around the world. Passage is committed to developing its position in the international manpower placement market. The company has set itself the specific goal of becoming the Premier regional and international manpower service organization in terms of quality of services and its commitments towards clients.

As an integral part of its objective, Passage is committed to supporting the development of the manpower sector and changing the level of human resources expertise through training and level of human resources expertise through training and development, Passage is continually reaching for new heights of business professionalism, enhancing its status in the international manpower placement market as a reliable organization with a long-term commitment to the industry.